downtown greensboro

Since 2012, the folks in Greensboro, Georgia, Lake Oconee’s hometown, have been putting on a summer music event known as “Pickin’ on the Greene”, and this year the festival certainly did not disappoint. This was the first year that I was able to attend the celebration and here are a few of things that stood out to me.

The Scenery

“Pickin’ on the Greene” is a music festival that is unique in many ways, and one of the more prominent ones is the venue… or the lack thereof. As opposed to a public park or an arena, the stage for Pickin’ is literally built in the middle of Main Street in historic downtown Greensboro. A large portion of the downtown Greensboro area is sectioned off, creating an atmosphere that allows patrons to enjoy the festivities while also observing the rustic beauty of the downtown area.

The Vendors

One of the aspects that left me most impressed with “Pickin’ on the Greene” was the selection of food and drink (largely because long after the music was done, I was still feeling the copious amounts of local BBQ, beer, and handmade ice cream that I’d consumed.) One particular stand out was the local Oconee Brewing Company’s habanero IPA. It sounds weird, but trust me… it delivered in a big way.

The Community

It’s always nice to attend an event where all different types of people can come together and just have a good time, and Pickin’ seemed to offer a little something for everyone. For the adults, there was the live music, delicious food, and a legal excuse to drink a beer in the middle of the street. For the kids, there was a free hayride (yes, I went on it, but it was purely for research purposes), different games, and handmade ice cream. I really got the feeling that everyone was truly enjoying themselves, and everywhere I looked I saw nothing but smiling faces.

The Music

It really wouldn’t be much of a music festival without the live music, would it? Thankfully, Pickin’ did not disappoint in this realm either. Greene County’s own Pullin’ Strings started the party off before the Stewart and Winfield took the stage as the headliners. Both bands were insanely talented, and if you’re a fan of good ole fashioned bluegrass, this was not the festival to miss.

All in all, “Pickin’ on the Greene” was a great time, offering entertainment in downtown Greensboro for people of all ages and all walks of life. I’d definitely recommend marking your calendar for next year, and if you’re able to make it down to Greensboro – I’ll see you there!