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Are you into the outdoors? If you enjoy getting down and dirty in the mud, or perhaps driving like a madman on an approved madman driving course in a motor vehicle, Durhamtown Off Road Resort is probably something you would enjoy. Located near Lake Oconee, Durhamtown is the largest off road resort in America, with almost 7,000 acres and over 150 miles of trails. This incredible off roading paradise is a hidden gem of the Lake Oconee area, but it draws people from all over the world with promises of adventure, excitement, and lots of dirt.

What can you do at Durhamtown? A lot, actually. The resort is far more than just a few trails in the woods. Dirt Bikes, ATV's, Side x Sides, Jeeps, 4x4 Vehicles, and Rock Crawlers are all welcome, and if you’ve never ridden before, you can rent everything from gear to boots to whichever motor driven adventure mobile you set your heart on. We recommend going easy your first time, but once you get the hang of it, there is so much to do!

“We have about 70,000 people come through here a year,” said Lauren Clifton, daughter of owner Mike McCommons. “People come from all over. Our biggest clientele comes from Europe.” Durhamtown also prides itself on safety-- though injuries are to be expected from time to time in such an active sport, Clifton says they have “an active patrol team of 15 people” and “call box radios throughout the entire property.”

We chatted with several visitors, including Josh McFarland, who told us he drives down from Ohio on the recommendation of friends. “You drive ten hours, it’s gotta be pretty unique, I mean… 6,700 acres to play on, from trails to motocross tracks to mud pits to everything else, it’s got anything and everything you could want.” McFarland, a former professional dirt bike rider, says “As someone who used to race professionally all the time, it’s pretty good.”

If you’re looking for a break from technology, or an easy way to get your kids to play outside, Durhamtown may be the perfect getaway for you. “We have zero cell phone signal, our WiFi doesn’t work half the time, so they have to get out and play, they have to enjoy the outdoors. And when they leave here, they’re all smiles,” Clifton told us.

If you’re looking to wind down after a day of exciting wheeled adventure, Durhamtown offers deer, hog, turkey, and small game hunting, as well as a clay shooting range. They’ve got a little something for everyone, and they know how to take care of you while you’re here: with over 150 RV sites and over 60 cabins, this doesn’t have to be a day trip. Plan a weekend excursion, or take your kids during Christmas break! They have a fully stocked cafeteria, plus a pro shop where you can purchase gear and parts. It’s the ideal family vacation. Pack everybody into the car and drive to Durhamtown for fun and exciting family time that everyone will enjoy!