Fish Lake Oconee  | Visit Lake Oconee

Halfway between Augusta and Atlanta is 374 miles of shoreline covered with golf courses, beautiful houses, and docks. Lake Oconee is a 19,050-acre reservoir operated by the Georgia Power Company. Oconee means “great waters”, a Creek Indian word, and Lake Oconee is one of the best largemouth bass fishing lakes in the State of Georgia. And with an estimated 433 pounds of fish per acre, it boasts being the best fishing lake around, not to mention the 3rd most used lake for fishing tournaments.

Fed by the Apalachee River and Richland Creek, Lake Oconee was completed in 1979 by the impoundment of the Oconee River. Lake Oconee consists of creek and river channels, points, ledges, flats, standing timber, and submerged brush piles.

If you are looking for something to do, try spending some time fishing on Lake Oconee. You won’t be disappointed.